Using a Ouija Board

Using a Ouija Board
With so many people so interested in connecting with the spirits of the departed, it’s no wonder that the use of Ouija boards has become so popular.

However, the use of a Ouija board can invite in some nasty entities if you’re not careful. So here are some basic guidelines to follow if you are set on trying out a Ouija board for yourself.

Don’t Use a Ouija board if:

You are a teen in puberty. The energy of a teenager just entering puberty is very chaotic, and negative spirits can be drawn to it. Entities can sense uncertainty, feelings of low self-esteem, confusion, or depression, and may attach themselves to the adolescent in order to draw from their energy.

You are experiencing any sort of depression, anxiety, or fear. Again, entities are drawn to these expressions because of the ease with which they can attach themselves to someone, and then draw on their energy.

There is discord in your family life. Negative entities thrive on discord, and will attach themselves to the most vulnerable in the family if given the opportunity.

You or anyone in your family is experiencing health issues. Negative entities thrive when they can attach themselves to a sick person. They will then draw from their energy, making it harder for that person to heal.

You are under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Being stoned, drunk, or high, creates an energetic opening making it easier for a negative spirit to attach itself.

If you still want to use a Ouija board, here are some basic guidelines:

Start by centering, and grounding. This practice will strengthen your energy, and help keep you balanced.

Prayer. Pick a prayer of protection to give you additional energetic protection. Invite in the angels or your spirit guides to bring additional protection.

Never use the Ouija board when you’re alone. You may be too vulnerable, so only use the board with cheerful, like-minded company.

Don’t invite just any spirits. Be specific, and only invite in those spirits of the highest light.

Don’t ask ridiculous questions. If you are asking questions like “does so and so like me?” or “when will I die?” you are inviting lower vibrational spirits to interact with you.

Use discernment. Just because someone is dead doesn’t mean that they automatically become wise or enlightened. If someone was a liar in their physical life, they are capable of lying after they are deceased. Just because a spirit tells you something doesn’t mean it’s true.

Close with Prayer. Give a prayer of thanks and gratitude, and command that all spirits return to the realm where they belong. Ask the angels to escort the spirits onward.

A final note on working with a Ouija board: Communicating with spirits can be very exciting. However, when you don’t know what you are doing, it’s also an invitation for wayward spirits (or worse) to settle into your home, and live off your vital life force energy. Not all spirits will have your best interest at heart, and will say anything to get invited into your home.

Remember, there are more effective ways to communicate with loved ones on the other side, or to get advice from your guides and angels. So remember, when using a Ouija board, you can’t take too many precautions! 

Stay safe!

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