Epidote the Stone of Manifestation

Epidote the Stone of Manifestation
This beautiful green stone is a stone of the heart chakra, and shows us where our attention is. It empowers our greatest desires, making it that much easier to consciously co-create. And it shines a light on the things we need to let go of by exasperating them! 

Epidote adds energy to whatever our primary thoughts are giving energy to (whatever we are thinking about!). So if we are aligned with love, kindness, compassion, creativity, and abundance, it will add to those energies, bringing us more of the same.

However, if we are thinking more about our limitations, why bad things have happened in our lives, or worry about how to accomplish something, we will get more of those energies. 

Either way, Epidote is either empowering our desires, or showing us what we need to release in order to move forward.

This is why when I use Epidote I almost always also use a buffer stone, to help me remember to keep my thoughts on where I want to be rather than what I’m worrying about.

Aventurine - also known as the opportunity stone, or the stone of luck, this crystal helps us to get in line with positive experiences and opportunities in our path.

Carnelian - provides awareness of how our inner world corresponds, and creates, our outer world, and stimulates ability to receive inspiration from Source.

Citrine - a stone of pure positivity, it helps to guide us into the positive energies we desire when working with Epidote.

Rose Quartz - helps us to see more love in our lives, and to more consciously choose from love.

Pyrite - a natural negative energy deflector, it helps us to focus more on the positive, while empowering us in the Solar Plexus.

Epidote also enhances our own perceptive abilities, helps us to let go of criticisms (toward self and others), and encourages connection and interaction with those who would support our current path.

Epidote is truly a stone that supports our personal, spiritual, and emotional growth because it shines a light on any limitation or blockage that seems to keep us stuck where we are.

I won’t say to use caution when working with Epidote, but I will say to watch your thoughts and choose carefully! Make sure you’re focused on where you want to be.

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