Universal Energies of 2018

Universal Energies of 2018
A universal year energy is an energy that we all experience together. Where we each have our own personal year energy, which affects us each differently, within the universal year energy, we all experience the same theme in our lives, collectively.

For instance, in 2017, which was a 1 year, we all experienced those major shifts, changes, and upheavals. Across the board, it was a pretty challenging year economically, politically, and even with relationships, for just about everyone.

The universal energy of 2018 will be bringing in a kinder, and more transformational energy than that of 2017.

2018 is an 11 year (2 + 0 + 1 + 8 = 11).

It’s tempered by the kinder energies of the 2 (1 + 1 = 2).

The 11 is a master number, so it comes with an amped up vibrational frequency, along with powerful opportunities for transformation. It’s all about potential, and possibility.

11 is intuitive, and around the world light workers have been waking up to this number, for well over 20 years now, as evidenced by seeing 11:11 over and over again!

An 11 universal year will amp up your awareness of the inspiration that’s always been available to you, and increase your powers of manifestation, but ONLY if you act on those inspirations, step out of your comfort zone, and follow your intuitive guidance.

If you continue to ignore this guidance, and refuse to step out of your comfort zone, you may find yourself feeling more stuck and frustrated than ever.

The secondary energies of 2018 are those of the 2, which is all about relationships, partnership, connection, cooperation, and harmony. And where the 1 (and the double 1 of the 11) is the divine masculine, the 2 is the divine feminine.

So in this 11 universal year, we have the double energy of manifestation, transformation, and change, along with the feminine energy of cooperation and connection, bringing a divine balance between inspiration and creation.

And where 2017 was about feeling overwhelmed (thus limited) with that masculine energy, and tremendous shift and change, 2018 brings the awareness that the Universe is conspiring for your highest good, and supporting the life you wish to create right here and now.

2018 promises to be an exciting and abundant year for everyone, but it’s also a call to action to align with your higher self, and trust and act on the inspiration that works through you.

The timing is just so good right now! What do you want to be, do, and have in this new year?

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