Using Rose Quartz

Using Rose Quartz
Rose Quartz is one of the most popular crystals in the new age community (and beyond), and because of its powerful, loving energies, it’s frequently the first choice for those interested in learning to work with crystals.

It is a stone of the heart, and the heart chakra. It helps one to gain awareness of, and then embody, unconditional love, compassion, and the divine feminine. It promotes self-love, and self-healing, and brings a sense of nurturing and peace to those who work with it. It soothes the emotions, and can provide comfort in times of upheaval.

The metaphysical properties include: love, healing, forgiveness, tenderness, compassion, contentment, personal fulfillment, and healthy self-esteem.

And the ways one can use Rose Quartz are almost only limited by the imagination!

My favorite way to work with any crystal is to wear it as jewelry, in a medicine bag necklace, or carry it in a small medicine bag in my pocket (it’s harder to lose that way!).

I keep a nice sized chunk of Rose Quartz under my bed so that its soothing and loving energies fill my sleep space. 

Rose Quartz is also suitable for making a gem elixir.* Just make sure to gently clean it, and then place it into a bottle, or glass of water. Let sit for a few hours and then drink (remove the stone first though!). For an added bonus, you can let the elixir sit out overnight under the full moon! The elixir can either be sipped, or you can put it in a spritz bottle and spray on your skin, or around your home or workplace throughout the day. Use this mixture quickly though - it won’t keep for long.

Rose Quartz also pairs very nice will many crystals! Here are a couple of my favorite pairings.

Rose Quartz and Selenite combine to make a very powerful loving energy, filled with nurturing and healing.

Rose Quartz and Amethyst combine to support self healing and love from the Higher Self.

Rose Quartz and Prehnite together, while you sleep, help to inspire dreams that bring forth insights into emotional healing. (I store mine safely in a small bag, and then in my pillowcase where they are less likely to disappear in the night!)

Rose Quartz combined with Lemurian Quartz can make an amazing crystal grid. However many pieces you have (whatever feels right, or just however many you happen to have at the time will work!), arrange them in a mandala on a table where they won’t be disturbed. Then set an intention, imagine that your grid will focus these energies for you, and to you, throughout the day. I like to write my intention on a small piece of paper, and place it next to my grid. For example: Today I take loving action toward my goals.

Rose Quartz is such a loving, and gentle energy, that even just to sit and hold it for a few moments can bring a feeling of peace and centeredness. It’s a wonderful stone to meditate with.

Mostly, just enjoy your time with your Rose Quartz, and trust the healing and love that flows through it. 

Note on cleansing: I prefer to gently cleanse my Rose Quartz in a gentle soap (like dish soap) and water, and then I “see” it imbued with Cosmic Light. Bathing in moonlight is okay too, but too much sunlight can fade your Rose Quartz! 

* Note, not all crystals are suitable for making gem elixirs, so be smart, and do your research before attempting to make your own elixirs.

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