Angel Message Responsibility and Beauty

Angel Message Responsibility and Beauty
Only you can decide how to respond to the world around you. It’s your choices that allow you to see the beauty in others, and in your world.

When you step into personal responsibility, you allow yourself to be tremendously empowered. To take responsibility for your life means you take responsibility for how you see your life, and how you experience your life. This is something that no one can take away from you; not parents, not presidents, not teachers, not gurus.

Taking responsibility does not mean that someone can use you as a doormat, or treat you unkindly, and you have to be okay with it. To take personal responsibility means that you recognize when you have caused yourself harm, or when someone else has, and you make the choice to do things differently from this point forward. You set personal boundaries. You say “no” when you mean “no,” and “yes” when you mean “yes.” You make promises to yourself that you keep.

The blessing of taking personal responsibility is that you’ll start to see Light in all situations. And where you see Light, you see beauty.

When you are able to see beauty everywhere, you become a powerful force for good because you can now infuse negative situations with a positive, loving influence, which not only changes the receiver of those positive and loving energies, but also changes you; those experiences will elevate your consciousness, and allow you to carry even more Light.

So trust your heart as you make choices from a space of personal responsibility. These choices will support your personal growth and awakening, and help you to live in alignment with that Light what works through you. 

Remember, you are an infinite being in a body, with a team of cosmic companions who fully support you on your journey.

Angel Blessings on your week, Deanna.

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