Choosing Crystals

Choosing Crystals
I was recently in a local new age shop browsing through the crystals, when two women came in on a mission to get some crystals to do some chakra balancing. It was so fun listening in on their conversation as they discussed the right stones for each chakra. But their conversation also reminded me of a time when I was new to crystals, and I felt conflicted over what people told me I should be using vs. the crystals I was drawn to use.

This is the reason I purchased my first book on crystals by Melody. I wanted to be sure to get it right! Luckily my crystals had different plans for me, and as I went to work doing crystal healing I’d often find myself drawn to using crystals that I wouldn’t have thought of using; for example, a bloodstone over the crown chakra, or moonstone over the sacral chakra. 

What I learned from my experiences was that it seems our crystals choose us, though we think we’re choosing them.

Now my method for choosing crystals is completely intuitive.

Whether you are going into a new age shop looking for new crystals, or you are choosing from your own crystal tribe for a healing session, here are a few methods I’ve used that seem to work very well.

This is really the simplest method for choosing a crystal; Attraction! This will happen when you are drawn to pick up a crystal, but then for whatever reason, you put it back down again. But as you are browsing other crystals, you keep getting drawn back to that particular piece. And maybe someone else comes into the store and they are looking in that general vicinity and you start stressing that they will pick up that crystal! 

If you are choosing from your own crystal tribe, it will feel the same way; one crystal will just seem to grab your attention.

I once attended a Gem Show, and found the most lovely piece of Aquamarine, however, it was a bit pricey for me. I decided to be sensible, and walk away, but you know, to this day, I still think about that piece that got away! 

Definitely pay attention to those crystals that seem to grab your attention.

You may have a specific issue you’d like to work on. Whether you’re choosing a crystal from a shop, or from your own personal collection, simply ask to be guided to the crystal or crystals that would support the work you want to accomplish. At this point, your intuitive nudge may feel like attraction; you’ll see a stone and be drawn to it. You may also just get a very clear knowing feeling about a particular stone.

My preferred method for choosing a crystal will always be either attraction or intuition. However, on the rare occasion I have actually dowsed to see what crystal may be the best choice for that moment. You can use whatever your preferred method of dowsing may be; pendulum, muscle testing, or body dowsing.

Trust Yourself
When it comes to choosing crystals, the most important thing is to trust yourself. There will always be someone who thinks they know best, and will militantly stick to a rigid list of specific crystals for specific things. However, that greatly limits the energetic experiences and opportunities available to you when you just trust your choices.

I really do believe that our crystals also choose us, and I have never been disappointed when I’ve trusted and acted on my intuitive guidance in crystal choices.

Crystals bring a very special energy into our day when we simply honor them as the essence of light that they are, and trust the energy they have to share.

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