5 Herbs to Grow in Your Garden

 5 Herbs to Grow in Your Garden
When the growing season is fast approaching, it’s easy to get excited. We simply can’t wait to work on our gardens and it is very satisfying to watch the plants grow. However, plants can be more than just beautiful to look at. Some of them have important uses, as well. These plants not only create a stunning visual, but they are also edible. They also have some medicinal uses that are worth keeping in mind. Here’s a look at the top five edible herbs that you’ll definitely want to plant:


Basil is a popular herb that finds its way into many dishes. It is, however, mostly associated with Italian food, especially since it pairs so well with the flavor of the tomatoes that are used frequently in that cuisine. Most people don’t realize that it is also medicinal. Basil can be used for aches and pains, menstrual cramps, digestive complaints such as bloating and heartburn. It is also good for symptoms of cold and flu and also headaches.


Parsley is more than just a garnish – it is a powerhouse of an herb that is high in nutritional value and also has plenty of medicinal uses. This herb is used to sweeten the breath, deal with inflammation in the body, helps increase urine output and relieve water retention, and is also rich in Vitamin B12, Vitamin C, Vitamin A , and Vitamin K.


Oregano is another popular culinary herb that adds a unique flavor to certain foods and in certain cuisines, such as Greek food and Italian food. However, it is also a great medicinal herb that can be given for ailments such as aches and pains, cold and flu, and respiratory complaints.


While rosemary does grow in most climates, it does seem to need a warmer climate to thrive. In order for the plant to survive the winter, it is a good idea to take it in once the weather gets cold. It is, however, a very useful herb for complaints such as inflammation, viral infections, and more.


Mint is one of the most unique of the culinary herbs because it can be used in both savory and sweet foods. However, you need to know how to prepare it when it comes to savory food. Mint is a good herb because most cuisines don’t even use it. It is a common herb to pair with beef, lamb, and even pork, depending on the situation but it also tastes refreshing in desserts and even cocktails. It is also great for stomach issues, such as flatulence and stomachaches, and also for respiratory complaints.

Before you start growing any of these plants, it is important to follow the instructions for growing them that are specific to your region. If you don’t have a garden, you could always grow these herbs in containers on your patio, deck, or front porch. These herbs also grow well in doors, so you’ll want to take the plants inside once the cold weather hits.

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