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Making Gel Candles
Gel candles are a wonderful craft to make for your home, to give as gifts or to market. They are popular, relatively easy and inexpensive to get started. Discover how to begin a new hobby or business, and find resources to help you learn more!

Save Money at the Gas Pump
With gas prices rising, saving gas is a financial must. The way you drive has a lot to do with your gas mileage. While you may know that, there are things you can dothat can improve it even more.

Book Review on Natural Green Cleaners
‘Natural Green Home Cleaners for Beginners’ is available on Amazon. Its green cleaning tips and recipes make cleaning less expensive and less caustic. Discover the pros and cons of the book and decide if it's for you!

Make Money Affiliate Marketing
If you're looking for a way to make a little extra money online, affiliate marketing may be for you. Learning the right way to start is a must. If you're considering marketing for online companies, take a few minutes to get a good beginning.

Uncommon Uses for Common Items
If you want to avoid expensive cleansers and household products, there are things in your kitchen that can do the job.

New Paints Make Unique Redecorating a Breeze
Retirement gives us time to do things we've been putting off due to time constraints. A coat of paint used to be a nice way to give a room some color. Now it's much, much more!

Eating the Red, White and Blue (Food)
There are colorful foods available that can fight cancer, improve brain function, reduce the effects of common diseases and help you live longer. The fact that they're patriotic colors is a bonus!

Planning a Family Reunion
Family reunions can be a lot of fun, but planning one by yourself can be exhausting. Delegation, planning ahead, organizing activities and collecting memories will make your weekend both memorable and fun!

Taking Clear Photos With Shaking Hands
Retirement is a time to travel, spend time with family and friends and create new memories. Taking photos is a way to share and keep memories fresh in our minds but with shaking hands, it's not easy to take good pictures. There are ways to stabilize the camera and take great photos that impress.

Manage Stress in Retirement
Stress is a part of life - even in retirement. But learning to manage stress can mean the difference between a retirement full of joy and a lonely, frightening time. Learn some quick ways to manage stress and improve your life and your health!

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