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A sexual orientation of its own? Is it fair to say that most people are bisexual in one way or another? Explore why bisexuality can be looked down upon by both the gay and straight community, and th

Coming Out
The difficult process of being gay and admitting it to yourself and others.

These sites specialize in bringing gay, lesbian and bisexual people together to date, establish friendships, find love, develop relationships, and sometimes get married.

Devils Advocate
It´s important to keep in mind that there are two sides to every story. Play devils advocate and take a look in the minds of anti gay politicians, religous leaders, and ordinary people like you who th

Movies, Books, TV, Art

Information on starting a family. Advice on parenting and raising children as gay couple.

Gay Marriage
Establishing the legality of same sex marriage, wedding destinations, taking a fresh look at married life, and divorce.

Gay Pride
What is Gay Pride all about? Are we sending the message we want to send to heterosexuals about Gay Pride? The difference between being proud and being offensive.

Helpful information on life as a gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender person.

A little of this, a little of that!

Political views on gay rights, marriage, and life. A look at the many changing legal issues that concern gay people.

Navigating through the best and worst of gay and lesbian relationships.

Included are sites that discuss homosexuality and the church. Biblical verse. Helpful information for someone who is struggling with their spirituality.

Reviews of books, magazines, movies, tv shows, etc... about gay/lesbian subject matter.

Teens & Young Adults
Whats going on with LGBT youth, and what they are dealing with in their world as a new generation of gay individuals.

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