Parental Control

Addictions & Children
Parents are care-takers or custodian of their kids and like every good caretaker, the role of every parent is to ensure that the charge entrusted to him is properly cared for. You are here on this s

Allowing Kids Pursue Their Dreams star
Helping our children pursue their dreams and supporting their career choice may be the best gift we give to our children yet.

Children and Cursing star
While we may not be able to control what is shown on TV, we can definitely control what our kids watch on TV!

Even When You Have to Be Mean star
Do your kids sometimes call you mean? Do you worry that they do? do you slack in your discipline because they do? Do you know that you can be firm and nice too? find out how.

First Be Her Mom and Then Her Friend! star
You can be a very good friend to your daughter but first be a good mom to her.

Handling External Interferences star
parents are making honest efforts to give their children good upbringing, but there is always the worry of external factors influencing their kids negatively. while you can not completely eliminate external influences, here are helpful tips on how to control them.

Help your child quit stealing star
Stealing, like every bad behavior should not be condoned or excused. If your kid or a family member is in the habit of taking things that do not belong to him, you should be concerned. Learn here how you can help them quit.

Hooked On Social Networking star
Our kids are spending too much time on social networking sites. This is affecting them adversely and as parents we need to find ways to protect them from spending so much time online.

Is Your Boyfriend Ruining your Life? star
What every teenage girl should know...

Is Your Kid Addicted to Lying? star
Just as lying is common among children, so is getting addicted to lying. Our children need to know lying is bad behavior.

Keeping Our Kids Busy star
Keeping Our Children busy simply keeps them out of trouble

Keeping Positive Tabs on Our kids star
Much as we love our children and respect their privacy, it wont hurt to know what they are up to at all times.That is our role as care takers after all. Find out here how you can keep a positive tab on your kids without invading their privacy!

Keeping Your Kids Safe from Gambling. star
Gambling is becoming very rampant among kids, parents must be on the alert.

Molding your child's behavior. star
Trying to train your child at a teenage age is difficult and would usually meet with strong resistance, and conflicts. These conflicts sometimes leave a permanent scar on both the child and the parents. However, starting on time would save you plenty heartache in future.

Teaching by Example star
Where our children are concerned, we honestly have to practice what we preach!

Teaching children to value their lives star
God expects us to handle the life he has given us with great care and responsibility!

Warning signals in your kids. star
Bad behavior when ignored would not go away, but instead progress in to a habit and then an obsession. While we try to respect our kids' privacy, we must also watch out for warning signals that our kids may have negative tendencies.

When Siblings Disagree star
Siblings are bound to fight, argue, or disagree,from time to time, there is nothing strange in that, but when these disagreements become intense, you naturally get concerned as parents, and you want to do something to curtail it. Find out ways you could do that.

When Too Much of Everything Becomes Poison star
When too much of everything becomes poison...

When Your Kid Is Being Bullied star
When children sense their parents do not pay attention to them, they turn to other devices, either to get their parents attention or to try and solve their issues by themselves

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