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Modern art of the 20thc.

Alexander Calder – Abstract Art Revolutionary star
Calder 'redefined' sculpture during the 20th century with his mobiles and large public works. I’ll discuss the man with 'childlike' qualities, which artists influenced his work, and his extensive oeuvre.

Color Blocking in Art star
Abstract, geometric patterns are found in paintings, fashion, fabric art, and even food. I'll discuss the artist who began this novel technique and its influence on other businesses.

Couples in Abstract Art - Who Did it Better? star
With the #MeToo movement on center stage - bringing with it recognition for underrated female artists - I’ll discuss women abstract artists who have lived in the shadow of their famous husbands, until now.

Deconstruction + Fragmentation in Art star
What first began in philosophical and literary circles, Deconstruction became a movement of post-modern architecture in the late 20thc. I'll also discuss fragmentation and 'art brut'.

Geometric Shapes in Art star
I will discuss artists who used vertical and horizontal lines, as well as rectangles and triangles in unique ways.

Henri Rousseau - Modern Artist star
A ‘painter’s painter’ whose work inspired fellow artists Picasso, Léger, and Kandinsky. I will discuss Rousseau’s style of ‘magical realism’.

How African Culture Influenced Modern Art star
Surprisingly, African sculpture wasn't first recognized as art - merely the byproduct of a culture. Many Modern artists such as: Matisse, Picasso, and Modigliani collected and were influenced by African art.

Impressionism star[offsite link]
This site will introduce you to impressionist art and to the lives and works of some of the major painters of impressionism.

Matisse – Modern Artist & Colorist Extraordinaire star
The ‘mighty’ Matisse was admired and threatened by Picasso. Matisse’s use of the color red is legendary, but little may be known of his family carrying on his legacy.

Matisse, Chagall, & Paul Housberg - Glass Artists star
Henry Matisse and Marc Chagall were 20th century artists who painted stained glass. Fast forward to the 21st century - architectural glass artist Paul Housberg designs an art installation for a prominent Boston hospital. I’ll discuss their works in glass with an emphasis on color and light.

Minimalism Not Only in the Arts star
We are most familiar with Minimalist art and architecture. Today there is an emergence of the 'aesthetic minimalist' as the newest status symbol; a stark contrast to luxe. I'll explain the connection.

Modern Art on US Forever Postage Stamps star
To commemorate 100 years (1913-2013) after the Armory Show in New York, the USPS celebrates the work of twelve modern artists who have ‘forever’ influenced the world of art.

Modern Sculpture and Its Influence star
As in many aspects of art, one artist influences another, thereby advancing art movements. I will discuss familiar artists whose works included or were influenced by sculpture.

Orientalist Art in the 19th Century star[offsite link]
A guide to the art of the Orientalist movement, which arose during the time of Napoleon´s invasion of Egypt at the dawn of the 19th century

Phillips, SFMOMA, MOMA – Which Came First? star
Three US museums display modern and contemporary art: The Phillips Collection, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, and the Museum of Modern Art, NYC. I’ll discuss their collections and divulge which one was the first modern art museum in the nation.

Picasso & The Blue Period, The Hows + Whys star
Pablo Picasso is famously known for his Blue Period in art. What does that mean and why? I'll discuss some of the theories behind these works by the Spaniard.

Reflecting on the MoMA Expansion star
I traveled to NYC recently to see the much anticipated re-opening of the Museum of Modern Art after an extensive expansion. I'll discuss my likes and dislikes as I compare what came before to what exists now.

Romanticism : Emotion and Attitude star
The Romantic Movement in the 19th century was contrary to the Rococo style of the previous century and became a revival of many styles in art, literature and music.

The Amore Gallery of Impressionist Art star[offsite link]
A charming site that includes biographical information about the major Impressionist artist as well as examples of their work

The Many Firsts for Art Techniques in the 20thc star
Rather than focusing on the art movements of the 20thc, I'll instead discuss the importance of art techniques that launched careers and influenced artists generations later.

The National Gallery of Art: French Painting of the 19th Century star[offsite link]
An overview of selected French artists of this time period and their works, as well as historical information on the Impressionst movement

The Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood star[offsite link]
Contains a brief history of the movement with an excellent list of links to artists and artwork

The Pre-Raphaelite Mystique star[offsite link]
A visually appealing site that describes the history of the movement and the artists that played a major role in it

Transitioning from Symbolism to Abstraction star
Throughout history, art movements have changed according to the strong beliefs of a few pioneers. I will discuss four artists who were so influenced by spirituality, creating the Abstract style.

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