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General information about orchid culture and specific sections for Cattleyas, Phalaenopsis, Slipper Orchids, Methods of growing orchids, outdoor orchid culture

An Orchid Grower’s Resolutions star
New Year´s Resolutions for orchid addicts

Aphids and Orchids star
Orchids thrive in an environment which is also conducive to the growth of aphids. Read on to know more about the various aspects of aphids infestation, damage caused and control.

Blue Orchids star
Vandas, Dendrobiums and Cattleyas are three of the genera which show blue color.

Cattelyas - General Information star
Cattleyas are available in all sorts of sizes, large as well as miniature. With many natural, and many hybrids Cattleya orchids are somewhat easier to grow than many other orchids available in the market. Read on to know more on Cattleyas.

Cattleya Orchids star
Specific links and articles on Cattleyas for beginners to experienced growers.

Cheaper Alternatives Ingredients In Mericloning star
Producing orchid mericlones can be a costly affair. Mainly because many ingredients used in the technique are quite expensive. Agar-agar, a major ingredient, is one such expensive compound. However, tissue culturists have come up with a number of cheaper alternatives to it, some of these are listed

Coconut Husk Chips (CHC) star
Coconut Husk Chips (CHC) are one of the newer mediums used by orchid growers.

Controlling MealyBugs on Orchid star
It is now mealybugs turning up to trouble me and my plants. Some of you could be facing the same problem. Let me help you on how to get rid of these persistent pests.

Controlling Summer Pests of Orchids star
Summer is the season of growth for many orchids ... and most of the pests too. It is helpful to know about the damage caused by these pests and their effective control. Read on to know more.

Controlling the Flowering in Orchids star
The flowering in orchids can be manipulated. They can be made to flower or the flowering can be inhibited by a number of factors. Read on to know more.

Cymbidium Orchids star
Cymbidiums are the best selling orchids after the Phalaenopsis. They are prized for their long lasting blooms and beautiful foliage.

Cymbidium Orchids star
Cymbidiums are one of the most popular winter orchids.

Diatomaceous Earth star
Use DE as a preventative measure to keep down insect and snail populations in orchid medium.

Different ways to grow orchids star
A collection of articles and information about growing orchids.

Effect of Low Temperatures on Orchids star
Exposure to low temperatures can harm the orchids. I have mentioned symptoms, prevention and cure of cold related injuries in this article. Tropical orchids need to be protected more than temperate orchids, check the article to know why.

Egg Shells for Orchids star
Using eggshells as fertilizer for your orchids.

Enhancing the Life of Your Orchid Flowers star
Many times we wish for our favourite orchid flowers to lasted a bit longer. Can the flowers be made to last for a longer time? Yes, they can be. Find out the different ways by which life of orchid flowers can be enhanced.

Enough Light for Orchids star
Are you giving your orchids enought light to re-flower? Here´s some advice on what you should be doing.

Fertilizing With Milk star
Using milk as a fertilizer for orchids, let's check whether milk is any good or is it just a new fad.

Foliar Feeding for Your Orchids star
Foliar feeding is one way to ensure that your orchids get the nutrition that they need to grow and flower for you.

Give Your Orchids a Winter Boost star
Clean up your orchid plants so they can grow better.

Greenhouse Information star
Article and links a related to greenhouse construction, maintenance and upgrade.

Growing Miltoniopsis Orchids star
Miltoniopsis or pansy orchids can be grown indoor under the right condition. How to grow these beautiful orchids.

Growing Mounted Orchids star
Grow your orchids the way nature intended for them to grow -- mounted.

Growing Orchids in Summer star
Summers is a good time for orchids. Check out how to take care of your orchids in this season.

Growing Orchids Semi-Hydroponically star
Semi-hydroponics is a method of growing orchids which is gaining popularity. Here's the information on what it's all about.

Growing Orchids Under Lights star
Growing under lights is becoming more popular for those who do not have the opportunity to grow outdoors or in a greenhouse.

Growing Tips star
Common sense tips from experts and amateurs on making life easier for orchid growers.

Hardy Species of Orchids from South Asia star
South Asia orchids species which are hardy and capable of surviving on a wide range of climatic conditions.

Integrated Pest Management and Orchids star
Using the concepts of IPM can help you become a better grower.

Maintaining A Terrarium for Orchids star
Keeping your plants happy in a terrarium is easy!

Making Cocopeat From Coconut Husk star
An article about a cost-effective method of making cocopeat.

Methods of Orchid Multiplication star
The orchids we possess can be multiplied by different ways. What are these?

Mini-Slipper Paphiopedilum Orchids star
One of the newer trends in orchids is the miniature slipper orchid. New breeding is producing small plants with very cute and long lasting blooms.

Miniature Orchids star
Descriptions and cultural information on growing a number of miniature orchid species.

Misting Systems star
Misting systems can provide extra cooling in your growing areas for those hot times during the summer months.

Orchid Diseases star
Orchids are subject to rots and viruses. Here is some information to help you identify and treat your plants.

Orchid Flasking star
Orchid seeds are grown in flasks to get them started. Why are they so different from other plants?

Orchid Leaves turning Brown star
Orchid leaves can turn brown due to a variety of reasons and causes. Here is a short list of how and why the leaves get the brown colouration as well as its prevention and cure.

Orchid Mericlones star
Something about the orchid mericlones: what are mericlones? How are these produced?

Orchid Mericlones - Why go for this method? star
Are mericlones good or are they useless? Read on about the pros and cons of mericloning.

Orchid Viruses star
Orchid viruses are widespread and often found in individual collections. Learn how to spot them and test for them.

Orchids And The persistent Whitefly star
Every day, since the advent of summer, it has been a battle between me and the whiteflies. But now finally they are gone. Here's how I finally did it!

Outdoor Orchid Culture star
Links to sites describing outdoor orchid culture in many areas of the country.

Outdoor Orchid Growing Areas star
Here are some ideas for getting an outdoor orchid growing area ready for your plants once the weather has moderated.

Pest Bugs on Orchids star
Unless you're extremely lucky, you're eventually going to get some kind of pests on your orchids. Here is information on the most common and how to get rid of them.

Phalaenopsis Orchids star

Propagating Orchids star
General articles and links on how to grow orchids on mounts, in terrariums, hydroponically, etc.

Rots to watch for in Orchids star
Orchids are hardy and fairly easy to grow, but one thing that you need to watch for is rot. Here is information about two of the most common rots.

Scale Insects-Infestation and Control star
Scale insects can cause a lot of damage to your orchids. If infected, timely control is the only option to save the orchid.

Setting Up a Terrarium for Orchids star
Many growers are now setting up terrariums to control the conditions better for their indoor orchids -- here´s how to get started

Shifting Your Orchid Outside star
Though orchids are quite adaptable, still they require time and care to acclimatize. When you shift orchids outside you need to be careful about a number of things. Read on to know more.

Slipper Orchids star

Snails and Slugs on Orchids star
How to deal with slugs and snails in the garden and in your orchids. Now is the time to get rid of any unwanted visitors before you bring in your orchids.

Some More Winter Flowering Orchids Species star
A list of orchids which flower in winters.

Sphagnum Moss star
Sphagnum moss is one of the more useful kinds of media to use with orchids. Learn a bit more about this amazing moss.

Spider Mites on Orchids star
Spider mites are a serious pest for orchids especially for thin-leafed varieties such as Dendrobiums.

Staking Orchid Flowers star
How should you stake that inflorescence to best show off your flowers?

Symptoms of Pests and Diseases in Orchids star
A diseased orchid will show symptoms of pest infestation and knowing about these symptoms will help you in finding out which pest is troubling your orchid.

The Missing Scent Of Orchids Flowers star
Orchids are known for their amazing floral fragrances, but some times the flowers stops producing these scents. This article searches for the possible reasons why these flowers stops production of their signature scents.

Watering Orchids star
Water requirements of orchids have puzzled orchid growers for long. How to water an orchid? How much to water? When to water? This is decided by a number of factors. What are these, read the article to know more.

Whitefly Infestation star
Whiteflies are one of the persistent pests that start appearing on orchids from late spring or early summers. Some tips how to get rid of the pest.

Windowsill Growing Basics – Light star
Growing orchids on windowsills requires that you understand how much light they need.

Windowsill Orchids Basics - Humidity star
Growing orchids on a windowsill is becoming a more and more popular. Good humidity and air circulation are necessary to keep your plants happy.

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