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Wargames and games about combat involve soldiers, battles, and lots of heavy artillery.

Ace Combat 5 - The Unsung War star
I love air combat games, and it's really impressive how good the graphics have gotten. Ace Combat 5 takes place in a fictional world, with real life planes.

Airforce Delta Strike star
We love air combat style games, especially the Ace Combat series. We were really keen on trying out Airforce Delta Strike. Unfortunately, this game is rather poorly made.

Armored Core 2 not quite solid star
When we got a Playstation 2, the first PS2 game we put into it was Armored Core 2, by Agetec. This game style is definitely one we enjoy a great deal. Unfortunately, it appears they rushed this game out the door a bit too quickly.

Armored Core 4 - PS3 star
Armored Core 4 comes from a long line of mech action games. The simplest thing to say about Armored Core 4 is that if you liked previous Armored Core games, you will like Armored Core 4. Otherwise, the game is a mixed bag.

Battlefield 3 PS3 Review star
We have been playing Battlefield 3 for a full year and still adore it. That says a lot about this immersive, realistic combat simulation.

Binary Domain Review star
A third-person shooter incorporating squad elements, "Binary Domain" is a simple concept with some high-quality execution.

Bourne Conspiracy PS3 star
Bourne Conspiracy is in essence the video game version of the first Bourne Identity movie, with a few extra situations thrown in. There are some great cinematics - but a few gameplay issues as well.

Call of Duty 3 - PS3 star
Call of Duty 3 is the classic combat game of World War II. If you've seen Saving Private Ryan, you know what you're in for. Head-throbbing noise and death all around you.

Captain America Super Soldier - PS3 star
A beat-em-up game starring the famous star-spangled hero, Captain America: Super Soldier pits the Cap against the evil forces of HYDRA during World War 2.

Conflict Zone - Modern Day Media Warfare star
In Conflict Zone, it´s the year 2010 and the forces of peace (the ICP) are fighting against the forces of chaos (GHOST). Both manipulate the media to tell their story.

Game of Thrones Game Review star
Game of Thrones for the PS3 is billed as a prequel to the HBO series. What it really is is a prequel to a fully finished game.

God of War 2 PS2 star
God of War 2 PS2 continues the God of War series in high energy epic style. You are still a powerful warrior, still taking on the various gods in a quest for survival and power.

Gungrave Overdose star
Gungrave is an anime series based on the first Gungrave video game. In a case of mutual growth, there is now a second Gungrave video game to help you enter the Gungrave world even further.

Haze - PS3 star
The first-person shooter - and especially the "futuristic" first-person shooter - has been done, over and over, with little to no changes in gameplay, since almost the beginning of gaming itself.

Heatseeker PS2 star
Heatseeker for the PS2 has you as a new pilot who thinks he's taking a F22 to a tropical island. Trouble ensues, of course, and soon the fate of the world is on your shoulders.

Hitman 2: Silent Assassin star
Hitman 2 is a first person shooter which rewards control and stealth over full-out blasting. Gorgeous graphics and freeform gameplay make this great for teenagers and adults.

Hitman Blood Money PS2 star
Hitman Blood Money continues the popular Hitman game into a new set of missions. Agent 47 is a top notch assassin with a gleaming, bald head. He takes on any assignment, no matter how challenging.

I Am Alive - PS3 star
I Am Alive is a post-apocalyptic survival game focusing on a lower-intensity approach to the genre.

Killzone star
Killzone is a futuristic first person shooter, where you are defending the civilized world from an attack of angry mutant rebels.

Killzone 3 Review star
Using a lot of resources from its predecessor, Killzone 3 has some interesting areas and ideas, but feels more like an expansion than a new game.

Medal of Honor Frontline star
Medal of Honor Frontline lets PS2 players enter the gritty world of World War 2 combat. From the first action-packed assault on the beaches of Normandy, you know you´re in for a wild ride.

Medal of Honor: European Assault - PS2 star
Medal of Honor: European Assault (released 2005) is another World War II First Person Shooter in the Medal of Honor series. With only a few extra features, this game does not readily distinguish itself from its predecessors or its descendants.

Metal Gear Online : Meme Expansion star
Following in the "Gene, Meme, Scene, Sense" themes of the 4 main Metal Gear Solid games, the Meme expansion follows Gene and provides more maps, characters, and options to further increase the features of this game.

Metal Gear Solid 3 : Subsistence star
The Metal Gear series has brought ever-improving fun of stealth combat and intricate plot lines. With Subsistence, you´ve pretty much maxed out your PS2!

Metal Gear Solid 4 star
The final installment of Hideo Kojima's "Metal Gear" series has a lot to live up to. Besides its innovations in gameplay, Metal Gear Solid 4 has to worry about wrapping up and connecting the stories of 5 different Metal Gear games.

Metal Gear Solid Online star
The online multiplayer accompaniment to Metal Gear Solid 4, Metal Gear Online is packaged with MGS4 and not a separate game. However, the gameplay is different enough to need its own review.

Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker HD - PS3 star
A console remake of a portable game, Peace Walker HD features improved animation and controls for a game that many people may have passed by.

Mobile Suit Gundam Crossfire star
We are generally great fans of mech games, and have played many of them. We were psyched when Gundam came out for the PS3 - and very disappointed when we played it.

Naval Ops Commander star
I normally love strategy games, including naval warfare. For whatever reason, Naval Ops Commander just didn't grab my attention and hold onto it.

Pandora Tomorrow on PS2 star
Splinter Cell has always been an XBox game then ported to other systems. How does Splinter Cell - Pandora Tomorrow do on the PS2?

Pandora Tomorrow Tournament star
I just got back from a PS2 Pandora Tomorrow tournament in San Francisco! It was great fun. We didn´t win, and the winning team was simply *awesome*.

Red Faction star
Red Faction is a first person shooter set on Mars in the not-so-distant future. I have two words for you - deformable terrain!

Red Faction 2 star
Red Faction on the PS2 won acclaim for its fantastic GeoMod technology. Red Faction II takes this technology a step further and enhances the graphics as well.

Red Faction II star
Red Faction on the PS2 won acclaim for its fantastic GeoMod technology. Red Faction II takes this technology a step further and enhances the graphics as well.

SOCOM 3 US Navy Seals PS2 star
SOCOM 3 US Navy Seals PS2 sends you deep into combat in a variety of large maps with varied terrain. You get a mix of vehicles, land, sea, and more to fight your way through.

Splinter Cell on the PS2 star
I´m a huge fan of Splinter Cell on the XBox. When I heard it was coming out for the PS2, I grabbed a copy to see how they compared.

Star Wars Battlefront II star
Star Wars Battlefront II is a great sequel to a wonderful game. Numerous game balance issues have been remedied, and new features bring interesting challenges.

Star Wars The Force Unleashed II star
Taking place during the Vader years, in Star Wars The Force Unleashed II you are an accelerated clone Starkiller who Vader is training to become his new organic-weapon.

Timeshift - PS3 star
The main abilities in the game focus on the suit's time-warping, which can slow down, stop, or reverse time for short periods. Slowing time will increase your reflexes and agility, boosting your fighting ability.

Yakuza 4 - PS3 star
An open-world adventure game set in the seedy underbelly of Japanese crime, "Yakuza 4" delivers stunning movie-quality storytelling but average gameplay.

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