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Playstation 3
The playstation 3 is coming in November 2006. Learn more about this great new console and what it holds in store for us.


These fun adventure games have you exploring worlds, solving puzzles and saving the day.


Combat / War
Wargames and games about combat involve soldiers, battles, and lots of heavy artillery.

Contests and Quizzes
Fun contests and quizzes to test your knowledge of the Playstation world.


Final Fantasy
Final Fantasy is one of the most popular series in video gaming. Get walkthroughs and reviews of the series.

MMORPGs are online massively multiplayer role playing extravaganzas. Unfortunately for the PS2, their online gameplay never really took off.

News and Information
Keep up with the latest developments in the world of the Playstation.

Online Gameplay

Party Games



Role Playing - RPG
RPG games let you develop your character over time and embark on fun quests.

Samurai / Swords
The Playstation series seems to love samurai and swords. There are a ton of games that set you back in the days of feudal Japan or China.

These games involve a fair amount of gunplay. Some are on the mature side!



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