Playstation 3

Playstation 3
The playstation 3 is coming in November 2006. Learn more about this great new console and what it holds in store for us.

BluRay Winning High Def Format War star
We knew the HD-DVD and BluRay format war for the High Def DVD market was just like the VHS / Beta war was for the video tape market many years ago. It looks like BluRay will be winning this round! NetFlix has just announced they are giving up on HD-DVD movies.

HDMI Cable for PlayStation 3 star
As odd as it might seem to non-technical people, it does really make a difference what cable you use to connect your PS3 to your TV. The cable helps to define what type of signal your TV receives.

Netflix and the Playstation 3 star
Netflix fans can rejoice - the Playstation 3 now supports streaming movies via your PS3 and internet connection! You can watch thousands of movies instantly, for free, as part of your Netflix account.

Playstation 3 - PS3 Release News star
With the XBox 360 release only a few months away, Playstation fans have to wait until 2006 before they get their hands on the next generation console.

Playstation 3 Browser star
You might ask why you even need an internet browser with your PlayStation 3. However, it actually comes in really useful for watching YouTube videos and other video pages.

PlayStation 3 Console Review star
We got our hands on an XBox 360, a PS3, and a Wii on launch day. Each is good at specific tasks. Here is a fully unbiased review of how the PS3 performs as a next generation console unit.

PlayStation 3 Controller Review star
The PlayStation 3 controller has gotten a lot of press because of its lack of vibration. However, it is wireless, extremely light, and has tilt sensors in it. This seems a great trade-off during gameplay.

PlayStation 3 Online star
The PlayStation 3 has a fully integrated online environment for you to play games, download new games, and do other activities. Here is everything you need to know to get started.

PlayStation 3 to Help Cure Cancer star
It's simply amazing - and I am thrilled!! The PlayStation 3 will literally help scientists find cures for cancer, Alzheimer's, cystic fibrosis, and other diseases.

PlayStation 3 with 80gb Hard Drive star
I've already done a full review of the base PlayStation 3, if you're curious about how it compares with the Wii and Xbox 360. This review is specifically about the 80 gig hard drive model of the PS3, and notes about it has held up over the past year of release.

Playstation 4 Console star
The Playstation 4 is Sony's successor to the Playstation 3, and features a number of great improvements over the older system.

Pre-Ordering the PS3 star
The November 17, 2006 release date is fast approaching for the PlayStation 3 holiday release. With only 400,000 units available in the US, here is how to get a pre-order in.

PS3 2006 Release Faces Issues star
If you thought the woes of a late release and high price were not enough for the PS3 release, there's more news. Now they are having problems getting the Blu-ray parts.

PS3 320 gig Console Bundle star
Remember back when gamers thought 80 gig drives were massive and could never be filled? Now PS3 has a 320 gig console bundle with plenty of space for all your audio, video, and gaming needs.

PS3 and Backwards Compatibility star
There is a lot of confusion out there about the PS3 and its backwards compatibility. The short answer is that there are MULTIPLE versions of the PS3 in production and some are backwards compatible - while others are not.

PS3 and Instant Streaming Netflix star
If you are a fan of the PS3, your PS3 just got even more cool. Netflix now offers instant streaming of movies and TV shows - *without* a Netflix DVD in the system. This means you can keep your favorite game in there while you watch your shows.

PS3 Best Buy Preorder Chaos star
In 2005, Best Buy had a mess involving the XBox 360 launch, involving both bait-and-switch as well as cancelling web orders. Not learning from their mistakes, they allowed PS3 web pre-orders on Saturday, November 4th. Chaos ensued.

PS3 Fan and Heat Issues star
The PlayStation 3 is a great unit with a Blu-ray drive in it. This system seems to generate quite a lot of heat - and has a very quiet but small fan.

PS3 Online Authorized Sellers List star
It might seem completely impossible to get a PS3 before Christmas 2006. Your first place to start is to visit the online website of every Sony authorized reseller.

Screenshots star
Interested in the graphics of the PlayStation 3? I provide many PS3 screenshots for your viewing pleasure!

Setting Up your PlayStation 3 star
If you've got your new PS3, or are preparing for getting one, here are the steps to get you started in using it.

Sony Playstation 3 80 gig star
The Sony Playstation 3 80 gig is an awesome gaming system and BluRay player as well. However, it is critical to understand that this system is NOT compatible with PS2 games.

Sony Playstation 3 Memory Card Adaptor star
If you are getting your hands on a PlayStation 3 and have any PS2 games that you used to play on a PlayStation 2, then it is really important to get your hands on this memory card adaptor.

Sony PS3 as a BluRay Player star
Yes, the Sony PS3 is an awesome gaming device. For many users, its ability to be a fully functional BluRay movie player is just as important - if not MORE important. How well does it perform this functionality?

Sony PS3 Release Update star
With the XBox 360 selling at a fast pace and opening our eyes to high def graphic capabilities, just when will the Sony Playstation 3 finally be released?

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