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Alien Hominid - Flash to PS2 star
The Hominid game was originally a flash game on the web, that developed a loyal following. Now it has become a full fledged PS2 game!

Amplitude - Musical Fun star
Musical fans will really get into Amplitude. Modern songs are pulled apart, and the game is actually playing out the various parts of the song, in time.

Child of Eden PS3 star
Child of Eden for the PS3 is a combination techno music plus shooter game. You get extra points for shooting the enemies in time with the music. It can be both lush and frustrating.

Contra Shattered Soldier PS2 star
Contra Shattered Soldier PS2 is an incredibly hard side-scrolling shooter. This is definitely a game for the avid fans of side-scrollers who think they have the skills to take on anything.

Destroy All Humans star
Destroy All Humans is a great adventure game with you as the grey-skinned, big-eyed alien out to destroy / conquer human-kind. The humor is great!

Flipnic - Pinball PS2 Fun star
If you´re a pinball fan, I highly recommend Flipnic. This isn´t a simple mock-up of a pinball board. It´s a fully 3D pinball style action game, including fun multiplayer.

Flower PS3 Game Review star
Flower is a soothing, serene game which you can download for your PS3 through the online interface. Your aim is simply to drift and make the world bloom.

Frequency star
This great PS2 game combines great music with finger-tapping fun. It might seem easy at first, but soon you´re caught up in the musical action!

Gungrave - an Undead Arcade Game star
Gungrave comes to us from the great animators of the Trigun anime series. Unfortunately, while the cut scenes are great, you only get 6 levels and a few hours of gameplay.

Jak X : Combat Racing star
A continuation and spin-off of the Jak and Daxter series, "Jak X: Combat Racing" is similar in method to Mario Kart or Diddy Kong Racing - a car-based version of a platformer game.

LittleBigPlanet 2 PS3 star
LittleBigPlanet 2 is an amazing game system and level creator for the Sony PS3. Not only do you get to enjoy fun levels to play, both in the game and online, but you can make your own levels to share as well!

MegaMan star
Megaman is a classic arcade style game. Here are reviews of all the versions!

Metal Slug 4 / Metal Slug 5 star
With this combo pack, you get two separate DVDs with two separate games on them. One is Metal Slug 4, and the second is the sequel, Metal Slug 5.

R-Type Final PS2 star
R-Type Final for the PS2 is a classic arcade game brought to the big screen. You get about 100 different ships to side-scroll along in blasting mayhem.

State of Emergency star
State of Emergency comes from Rockstar, makers of GTA3 and Vice City. It´s no surprise that the game involves a lot of violence, bloodshed and mayhem.

We Love Katamari star
Talk about an odd game that almost defies description! In the Katamari games, you are rolling a sticky ball. That's it! It's amazing how addictive it can get.

X2 Wolverine's Revenge star
X2 Wolverine´s Revenge cashes in on the huge X2 X-man movie which was released simultaneously. In this game, you get to play the sharp-clawed Wolverine.

Zapper star
I had high hopes for Zapper. I was a frogger fan, and zapper promised to raise the frogger fun to a new level. Unfortunately, that wasn´t quite true.

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