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Connecting your PS2 to the Internet star
I´ve reviewed many of the components necessary for PS2 online gameplay, but here is a simple start-to-finish explanation of how to get your PS2 to play with others.

Diagram for PS2 to Cable Hookup star
Are you preparing to hook your PS2 up to your cable modem? Here´s a diagram to help you figure out where everything plugs in.

Folding @ Home - Cancer Research star
Do you own a PS3? Make sure you sign up for Folding @ Home! This FREE software program turns your PS3 into a research station, helping scientists to build a massive world wide system that works on medical breakthroughs!

Getting PS2 Online - Step by Step star
If you are getting your PlayStation 2 to go Online, this is exactly what you need. Step by step instructions, with photos, of exactly what to do.

Hooking your PS2 Up To your Stereo star
Just got a PS2 and trying to hook it up to your TV, stereo or both? Here are instructions to help you get everything working smoothly.

Linksys Wireless Receiver star
I would really stay away from the dialup connection for your PS2. Instead, get a Linksys Wireless Receiver. This unit is probably around $40 and plugs into your Network Connector. It sends the signals through the air over to your router.

Metal Gear Online : Gene Expansion star
A content expansion for Metal Gear Online, the Gene Expansion is the first in a series of planned content packs that will augment the basic game included with MGS4.

PS2 - Traveling to Hotels star
If you're taking your PS2 on the road, you might want to use the hotel's wireless network connection to play online. Is this even possible?

PS2 and Wireless Connector Speed star
If you´re using a wireless connector with your PS2, XBox or GameCube, is it harming the speed of your gameplay on the internet?

PS2 Network Adaptor star
The very first step is to make your PS2 able to play online. It cannot do this normally. To do this, you need the PS2 Network Adaptor. This simply plugs into the back of your PS2.

PS2 Online Gameplay Live Aug 27th 2002 star
Are you a fan of PS2 games? Wish you had someone to play with? Why not take your PS2 on line - and play with thousands, any time of the day or night!

PS2 to TV and Stereo Hookup using Switch Box star
Are you trying to hook multiple consoles into your TV and stereo system? Whether they´re XBox, PS2 or GameCube, here is what you have to do.

PS2 Wireless Internet Connector - Linksys star
We use the Linksys wireless internet connector to let our PS2 play on line without wires! Talk about on line fun made easy!

PS2, Go-Net Adaptor, LinkSys and the Internet star
Are you trying to get a Go-Net Adaptor to work with your PlayStation 2? Here´s a recent question I had on the topic, and the solution.

PS3 YouTube App star
The PS3 YouTube App lets you watch YouTube videos on your TV, via your PS3. Even more than that - you can pair with your phone or tablet, and do the navigating there!

What do you Need to put a PS2 Online star
Here´s a question from a reader about how a PS2 gets to be online, on the internet. "Do I need the Wireless Router PLUS a Wireless Receiver PLUS a PS2 Network Adapter?"

Wireless Receivers for Online PS2 / PS3 star
Many people get confused when trying to figure out what wireless receiver to get to connect their PS2 or PS3 to their wireless router. Here's the straight scoop.

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