Playstation 3
These games involve a fair amount of gunplay. Some are on the mature side!

007 Nightfire star
007 Nightfire is out for all major platforms, in time for the latest Bond film. The graphics are stunning, gameplay is amazing. Well worthy of the series!

Aeon Flux - PS2 star
Based on the movie version of the animated series, "Aeon Flux" for the PS2 is a representation of the futuristic setting presented in that series. It uses the series' trademarks of acrobatic martial arts and gunplay to decent effect.

Commandos Strike Force - PS2 star
"Commandos Strike Force" is a World War II first person shooter that combines shooting action with a sneaking element.

Dead to Rights star
The Matrix meets the PS2 with Dead to Rights. You can use slow motion dives, peeking around corners, and your trusty german shepherd sidekick to take on the bad guys.

Driv3r - GTA Vice City Clone star
Driv3r is an obvious offshoot of the blockbuster hit Grand Theft Auto - Vice City. Unlike Vice City´s mythical city, Driv3r uses real life streets of Miami, Nice and Istanbul.

Getaway - Black Monday star
Getaway - Black Monday is the sequel to the Getaway game. This is set in an almost photorealistic version of London, with cops and robbers trading bullets.

Goldeneye Rogue Agent PS2 star
Goldeneye Rogue Agent PS2 had awesome graphics and gameplay when it first came out. If you're playing it in current times, you might be less impressed with the blocky textures.

Grand Theft Auto 3 star
Grand Theft Auto 3 has a reputation for violence and adult themes. That´s certainly true. But for adult gamers, it´s also a good deal of fun.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City star
Grand Theft Auto was a HUGE hit with its drive-anywhere engine and incredible plots. Vice City has better gameplay, better music, and is a Must Have!

James Bond - Everything or Nothing star
In a sure sign that video games are as powerful as movies, the latest James Bond game has all the actors, all the action, all the effects - and isn´t based on a movie!

Jet Li - Rise To Honor - PS2 star
"Jet Li: Rise to Honor" is a third person brawling and shooting game. In the game, the player takes the role of Jet Li - or rather, a character virtually portrayed by him.

Kane and Lynch : Dead Men star
Kane and Lynch is a co-op based third person shooter. The game's dark storyline and interesting characters and character development add personality to an otherwise lackluster shooter.

Killzone 2 star
A military sci-fi first-person shooter for the PS3, Killzone 2's semi-futuristic look attempts to appeal both to the Halo crowd and the Call of Duty crowd.

Kuon - Japanese Horror Game star
If you´re a horror buff and want to bring a bit of fright into your night, check out Kuon. This game is for mature audiences only and is quite scary!

Mafia - Join the Mob star
In Mafia, you play a lowly taxi driver who slowly moves up through the ranks of the local mob. It´s a blend of Vice City with 30s era Chicago.

Mission Impossible M:1 Operation Surma star
Mission Impossible was a great TV series, a great movie, and now it has turned into a great game. It´s a combination of stealth, puzzles and shooting.

Obscure Mature Horror Game star
Obscure is a Mature horror title for the PS2 that lets you play one of five teens trapped in a demon-filled high school.

Quake 3 - Revolution star
The Quake series has been around for years, and for many it represents the ultimate in first person fragfest. With Quake 3 Revolution, the newest Quake engine is brought to the popular Playstation 2 console.

Red Dead Revolver PS2 star
Red Dead Revolver is a classic western story complete with rolling tumbleweeds, a lonesome hero and the quick-draw slaying of bad guys.

Resident Evil 5 - PS3 star
Resident Evil 5 is the latest incarnation of the Resident Evil series, returning to the general storyline of Resident Evil 1-3 but borrowing heavily from the gameplay of Resident Evil 4.

Resistance - Fall of Man PS3 star
Resistance - Fall of Man is a first person shooter that combines World War II era environments with Doom-like horrific enemies to fight. It also offers great online multiplayer gameplay.

Star Wars Bounty Hunter - PS2 star
Following the exploits of Episode II's Jango Fett, "Star Wars Bounty Hunter" is a game that, despite several neat features and gadgets, ultimately falls short in most respects.

Starsky and Hutch PS2 Game star
Starsky and Hutch is about to be re-released as a movie starring Owen Wilson and Ben Stiller. The video game is based on the original TV series and is sort of Vice City with car chases.

The Getaway star
For Vice City and GTA3 fans, The Getaway brings that street-gang shooting action to London, England. The result is both fun and sometimes frustrating.

The Matrix - Path of Neo star
You can almost feel like the world is a bit saturated with Matrix-related stuff. Still, this game is quite fun to play and features newly re-mixed video.

TimeSplitters 2 star
TimeSplitters 2 lets you shoot your way through various periods in our history, tracking down crystals to save humanity.

XIII - Cel Shaded First Person Shooter star
While some first person shooters go for realism, XIII brings you into a comic book world of slow motion falls and fun camera angles, all in cel shaded glory!

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