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Alternative Therapies to Feeling Better star
Looking for a way to approach your health care more naturally? Alternative therapies such as acupuncture, massage, nutrition and hypnosis could possibly be the key.

Are You Looking Forward to the New Year? star
Looking forward to the new year? Hello ethnic beauties. I think we're all looking for change on so many levels. One thing's for certain, we've learned how to weather a storm or two.

Are You Taking Extra Special Care of Yourself? star
Are you taking extra special care of yourself? It's easy to get lost in the shuffle of doing for everyone else and end up neglecting you. Self care is the act of making sure that your needs and wants are met.

Aromatherapy, How To Use It To Relieve Stress star
Stress, aromatherapy, essential oils and a women's shelter. You never know what life will send your way, the key is in how you handle it.

Create A Space for Yourself Ethnic Beauties star
Creating space for yourself is crucial to the health of your mind, body and soul.

Do Your Goals Include Taking Care of Yourself? star
Taking care of yourself lately? You might want to add it to the top of your goal's list. Especially since we're still all consumed and working our way through the pandemic.

Essential Oils for Winter Blues star
If you live in areas where the sun doesn't shine much, you're at risk of experiencing the winter blues/SAD. Essential oils to your rescue! Learn a different approach to handling the winter blues.

Finding Tranquility During the Holiday Season star
You've shopped until you've dropped ethnic beauty and now you need a space to unwind and release all of the stress of the holiday season. How about creating your own spa environment? I've listed a few tips for you to get started.

Finding Tranquility in Your Bathroom star
If you're looking for a way to wind down and have some quality time for yourself, how about creating an In Home Spa Oasis. Here are a few tips and techniques.

How A Seasonal Detox Can Help Better Your Health star
From season too season, many of you feel "stuck" in a routine that doesn’t promote healthy habits. From shoveling snow to battling allergies, your bodies are constantly put under physical and emotional stress. A seasonal detox might help.

How Caring for Self Doesn't Make You Selfish star
Caring for self has a lovely ring to it. Why would caring for yourself be perceived as selfish? In a pandemic driven world, caring for yourself is a matter of sanity.

How Do You Handle Stress When Life Is In Chaos? star
Life throws up unexpected challenges and some of these can be very stressful. Your world can become one of chaos. It’s important to remember that we all experience stress in different ways.

How To Create a Tranquil Space for Yourself star
Have you ever been told to create a tranquil space for yourself ethnic beauties? You might want to listen, it just might save your sanity.

How to Find Success By Not Being Perfect star
Find success by not being perfect? There's a mouth full.Let's face it, life isn't perfect or easy. That doesn't mean you should stop pushing yourself to new heights.

How to Finish Out the Year Strong and Hopeful star
Strong and hopeful are two words well need when it comes to finishing out this year. Any year really. However, this year, with a global pandemic, has been trying for some, more of the same for others.

How to Mentally Refresh Your Mind, Body and Spirit star
Do you need to mentally "Refresh" your mind, body and spirit? After a year of COVID, a "Refresh" is probably top of mind.

How to Move Forward in an Ever-Changing World star
Ethnic beauties, moving forward is always a good thing. Whether it’s a literal move or a spiritual move, you allow yourself to grow.

How to Use Crystals to Raise Energy Vibration star
Did you know that one of the most common crystals is table salt? Is it raising our blood pressure or energy vibration?

How to Use Mother Nature's Awesome Herbs to Relax star
Have you used any of Mother Nature's awesome herbs to relax lately? Before you run off and stock your pantry, know that herbs are not a substitute for healthy eating.

How to Use Silence to Help Better Your Health star
Silence. Have you ever heard the phrase "silence is golden"? If anything was ever needed, it's a place to sit in silence and have a conversation with your spiritual self. Okay, it might not be your spiritual self.

How to Use Sound Therapy for Calm and Relaxation star
Sound therapy. From water filled glasses, to Tibetan bowls, to a good Old School R&B Slow Jam medley, sound therapy is real.

How to Use Water to Work Through Stressful Times star
Using water to work through stressful times is nothing new. From swimming to saunas, water in some form, has been used to help calm ones being. Some would say it's magic.

How to Write Your Way Through Stress and Anxiety star
Have you ever kept a diary or used a journal ethnic beauties, to express your feelings about the world you live in? For a lot of you, writing has become an important part of your existence.

Is Beauty or Wellness At the Top of Your List? star
Beauty or wellness? What's at the top of your list ethnic beauties? Wellness is playing a major role in today's environment. The pandemic has thrown the world into a state of "how do I help myself stay healthy and well?"

Is it Necessary to Change Your Look? star
Some magazine or talk show is always suggesting we change, enhance, or modify our look. However, as Ethnic Beauties, isn't it possible that you are fine just the way you are? Read on ...

Passion-Have You Found Yours? star
Have you found your passion? Don't make life complicated. Look for those things that make you happy when you do them. They don't always remain the same throughout your life. Learn more as I share a bit about my passions in life.

Releasing Your Creativity Using Scent star
I’ve found that in using essential oils, you can not only stimulate your mind and creativity in some way, they can aid and assist you in actually transforming your very being. Learn about some of them and their benefits.

See, Smell,Touch - How to Calm Your Senses star
See, smell and touch are things you do everyday Ethnic Beauties. They are also three of the five senses used in your daily activities. Noise and distractions can send you into sensory overload.

Self Care, Will It Help You Find Your Groove? star
What is self care? It’s important to remember that self care doesn’t have to be limited to meditation and yoga. The key is finding out what works best for you and making sure it becomes part of your daily life.

Stress, What Makes it Different Today? star
We find that stress levels have elevated. Why is that? Could it be that we're caught up in an epidemic of distractions? What's caused it and how do you change it for you?

What Has More Aroma Than Chocolate? star
Chocolate – just the word can conjure up sensations that are almost as rich and satisfying as the confection itself. But what is the secret behind this universally adored treasure? The key lies not just in its taste but also in its enchanting aroma.

Why It's Important to Get Still and Know Thyself star
Getting still to know thyself. Have you ever tried to get still or find your Zen place Ethnic Beauties? I have on many occasions. This is when I hear the most chatter in my head. At least this is how it started out.

Yoga is Calling! Am I Listening? star
Yoga and meditation are calling! Am I listening? Has your mind ever strongly suggested that your body do a thing, yet your body keeps telling you not this time? This week I share stories of what's led me to study and practice Yoga. Maybe you'll be inspired as well.

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