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Insight Meditation
Vipassana or Insight Meditation focus on body awareness through scanning the sensations you feel in an attempt to become the observer. When you observe the body for sensations you rise above them and notice them change.

No 1 Block To Meditation
If you want to make anything into a habit then there are generally steps to follow. Meditation is no different

And Breathe...
Our breath is the gateway to health. When our breathing is out of kilter we can feel anxious and overwhelmed by life. Slowing down and breathing consciously can help to bring us back to our centre again.

Face Your Fears
Trying to hide from challenges can take its toll on us and build up resistances within. When we face our challenges they lose their power over us.

Meditation For Anxiety
There seems to be more and more people struggling with anxiety and stress related challenges. Having a meditation practise can help to break the cycle and give you tools to use when struggling

Being Present
Becoming aware of our thoughts can really change the quality of our day and bring us more peace. I have given you a few tips to survive stressful thoughts.

Becoming The Observer
Through mindfulness and meditation practises we can learn to detach from challenges and get a higher perspective

What Is Meditation
Meditation is such a powerful tool for self development, and there is still a lot of unknowns that stop people from practising.

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Our Thoughts Define Us
Our thoughts are so powerful and they have a profound affect on our life. Meditation can help us identify our thoughts and weed out the ones that are self sabotaging

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