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FREE ASP Tutorial
Want to learn how to program in ASP? Start taking this free ASP tutorial and gain knowledge about this great language!

ASP Code
Here are examples and instructions on how to properly code in ASP.

ASP Errors

Database Issues
From connecting to a database to troubleshooting issues, here is assistance in making sure your ASP works properly.

Freelancing Tips
If you´re looking to write ASP code for freelance projects or for a living, here are suggestions on how to get projects and jobs.


This glossary of programming terms will help you understand online documentation and error messages.

Host Directories
Looking for a server to host your ASP site on? These directories help group ASP hosting companies into easy to use listings. Just choose the directory that suits your needs.

Host Reviews
These are hosts that I have personally used. These reviews are based on my experiences with them.

Mail Commands
Here are a variety of commands to help you send out mail messages.

RSS Section
Really Simple Syndication discussions, code and other RSS related information.

Server Tips
Your website and all ASP code runs, of course, on a server. It is critical you keep your server as secure and optimized as possible, in order to protect your website.

Here are examples and instructions for how to write proper SQL code for your database.

Coding in ASP can be done well, or poorly. Sometimes using the proper technique can help make your code much quicker, and much easier to debug later on.

Variables help you store information to work with in your ASP scripts. Here is information on properly defining and using variables.

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