ASP Code

Here are examples and instructions on how to properly code in ASP.

3-digits Formatting a String star
When you need to format a string into separated 3-digits. eg. 1234567890 to 1,234,567,890.

Adding Charity Links to your Website star
Sometimes an event comes along that makes you want to do your utmost to help. It´s fairly easy to add a charity link - to the Red Cross or anybody else you support - to every page of your site, quickly.

Auto Fill In Web Field Forms star
Let´s say you have a big contract page where you want a person´s name to fill into many spots automatically when they type it in once. How do you do that?

Browser-Specific Code for IE and Netscape star
If you are designing a website, it is critical that you understand the differences between IE - Internet Explorer - and Netscape, and code for both.

Bubble Sort Code Technique star
If you are sorting content into an order, one of the most simple techniques that exists is the bubble sort technique.

Clearing a Form Field star
Many uses of ASP involve forms, to process information from your users. Here´s the super-easy way to have a prompt in a form field, but to have it vanish when the user clicks to type.

Counting Letter Frequency in an Array star
This sample code helps you see what arrays can be used for, and also shows a loop in action.

Creating a Random Password Generator star
If you're using passwords of any type on your site, it is best to keep them random. That way they cannot be easily guessed at by intruders.

Creating an ASP Quiz / Test star
Creating an online quiz or test for your website is easy with ASP. All you are doing is using forms to ask questions, and then comparing the answers with what you know to be correct.

Creating WebSite Specific Postcards star
Postcards, e-cards, and e-messages are extremely popular on the web. Here is how you can code your own site-specific postcards for your website, using ASP.

Creating your own ASP Blog star
The web has blog fever. You can easily create your very own blog for your website with use of ASP and SQL. Keep your visitors up to date with what´s going on in your world!

Designing a Forum in ASP star
If you´ve looked at the price of forum software recently, you can see why it´s wise to just build your own. Plus, you get to choose features that matter to you!

Ensuring Proper Password Format star
If you´re asking your users to submit a password of 6-12 characters, you want to make sure it is done properly and without any special characters which could compromise your system.

Formatting Text for HTML Display star
A common task in ASP is to take a block of text from a database or user input, and put it on a webpage to be read. Make sure that you format it nicely!

Fortune Cookie / Random Quote Code - Array star
Fortune cookie and random quote applications can be great fun for any website. Here´s a version that uses an array to store the information.

Fortune Cookie / Random Quote Code - Database star
It´s always fun to have a fortune cookie on your website, to give a random quote or fortune or message each time the visitor comes by.

Getting Subscriptions to your Newsletter star
If you want to set up an online newsletter subscription form, you need to do several things to handle the name securely and properly.

Handling Missing Graphic Files star
It´s common to use ASP to display graphic images on the fly. You can have your code check to make sure the graphic file is actually there - and show a default image if it is missing for some reason.

Mimicing a Form Post with ASP star
Sending information in a URL by using & and ? certainly works - but it is not very secure! If you have your ASP code POST instead, you help prevent hackers from affecting your code.

Random Numbers in ASP star
There are many situations in which you´ll want to have a random number in your ASP script. This can be used to change ads, to generate greetings, and much more.

Regular Expressions star
A regular expression lets you work with pattern matching. This is great for ensuring that phone numbers, social security numbers, passwords, email addresses and other values are of the proper format.

Send to a Friend Functionality star
You´ve seen them before on webpages - the links that make it easy for someone to forward the URL and info along to a friend. It´s free marketing! How do you implement it?

Traffic Counters and ASP star
Just about every site enjoys traffic counters. It helps you easily know who is looking at what without digging through log files. You can watch it real time!

Using ASP to Process Forms star
ASP is perfect for processing forms of all kinds, from polls to mail forms to guestbooks and much more. Here are instructions on having ASP get information from a form.

Using Response.Redirect to Change Pages star
The response.redirect command in ASP helps you automatically redirect to a new page if you need to. It´s great for showing Thank You pages or moving through form processing.

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