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Australia Sells Blue Whale Habitat for Oil Profits star
Australia puts oil profits above the EPBC Act by auctioning off protected water habitats for drilling.

Heavy Whaling on Faroe Islands star
Fishing has been an evolving talent since the Mesolithic period. However, with an ever-expanding human population so too must our global fishing practices more responsibly evolve. What may have been prudent for the ancestors of the Faroe Islands is now an ill-gotten act of global irresponsibility.

Humpback Whales Threatened by Oil Industry star
Western Australia seeks to protect Humpback whales from the clutches of oil industries that seek to exploit the areas untapped resources.

Japan Pursues Whales Regardless of Court Ruling star
Japan says it will hunt whales in Antarctic and pacific waters after the International Court of Justice ruling banned the country from whaling off Antarctica.

Ningen Guardians of Cetaceans star
Is the Ningen a mysterious deep-water creature or a psychological manifestation to invoke humanitarianism?

NRDC Says Stop Breaking the Law! star
Corporations, lawmakers, and enforcement agencies should be accountable for breaking environmental and animal welfare laws.

Pebble Mine of Bristol Bay Endangers Whales star
To keep thriving fish markets and tourism industries in Alaska it is best to avoid generating roach motel taglines like, "Alaska, home of lethal mine tailing ponds. The marine life and tourists come in but they won't go out."

PETA Dives into SeaWorld star
SeaWorld's attempt at a public bailout by taking on shareholders has exposed a critical vein to its likely downfall – and the aquatic world let out a great sign of relief.

SeaWorld Orcas Are Not Educational star
SeaWorld’s Orca displays have no intrinsic educational value and therefore should be shutdown.

Ship Strike Rule Could Save Lives star
Next to reducing overfishing and deadly sonar practices, the most significant way to reduce unintentional marine mammal deaths is the continued implementation of the Ship Strike Rule.

Shutdown Death Tanks star
Whales have protested their captivity since 1968. Apparently, people have yet to receive the message with any degree of clarity.

The Need for Whales is Elementary My Dear Watson star
With conservationist Paul Watson fighting for his freedom and right to defend defenseless whales from human slaughter, it is little in the way of a surprise that aggressive whaling practices in Iceland, Japan, and the Faroe Islands have reemerged.

The Protection of Dolphins star
Six months out of every year an unprecedented slaughter takes place in Taiji, Japan, as migrating dolphins are driven into a cove for slaughter. This reality needs a prompt change.

Whale Earwax Tells Marine Life Tale star
Like geological layers that clearly outline Earth's epochs, technological advancements make it possible for scientists to discern the impact of human pollutants on the ecosystem by examining whale earwax.

Whaling in Iceland star
A critical area to keep a watch on for whale decimation due to human hunting is Iceland and with closed-minded people with short-term thinking in official government capacities concern is merited.

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