Beliefs & Behavior

Why do we believe what we do? Why do we behave the way we do? Do ethics come in to it? Here we look at our beliefs and if they drive our behavior.

30 Day Challenge To Think In New Ways star
Philosophers are renowned for thinking in new ways and always trying to see life from a different perspective. Sometimes we get stuck in our own perspective and just need a helping hand to come out of some self imposed limitations.

All About Ethics star[offsite link]
From classic ethical theories to videos and modern issues, this website from the University of San Diego provides amazing amount of information and discussions on ethics. It is definitely a good source if you desire to learn all about ethics and its applications.

Are Our Hormones Making Us Crazy star
Anyone who experiences PMT knows how crazy making it can be. Many feel out of control and unable to function, though do we ever give our selves a break or consideration for these times?

Beliefs And Actions star
How we perceive the world drives our actions and motivation. Are you aware of what beliefs you are carrying and how they are affecting your experiences?

Do Our Judgments Serve Us star
Are we limiting our-self and experience of life through our judgments of it? When we judge anything, perhaps it say's more about us that what we are judging.

Epistemology – The Theory Of Knowledge star
Knowledge is not usually questioned. We know what we know. Epistemology is the branch of philosophy that questions what we know, and the reliability of it.

How Clever Are We star
Making decisions can seem that we have considered all aspects of the situation in front of us, however, we do not always see what is in front of us.

Is Health Pre-Determined star
Health has long been thought of as something that happens to us, and it is just our luck whether we are healthy or not. More recently research has shown that perhaps our attitude and thoughts have some impact on our health.

Is Our Reality A Reflection Of Our Consciousness star
Do you ever wonder why life is so different for everyone? Some live in poverty, while others live in abundance, and life's lessons never seem to be fairly distributed. Perhaps it has more to do with us individually than being dealt a rough hand.

Our Need For Self Identity star
Our self-identity has become a crucial part of who we are. What we have achieved and how we are perceived seems to be the accepted form of knowing who someone is. However, our true Self is far removed from there.

Quotations on Ethics star
"Ethics" is a term defined so differently by many throughout the centuries. Here are some great quotes on ethics. I hope you will enjoy!

Surrender Or Resistance star
Most of us spend our time resisting life and the situations we are in. Surrendering to life on the other hand can bring more peace of mind and create more manageable experiences for us.

The Courage to Dare star
Do you find yourself worrying more about what people think than you do about how you want to live? Do you try to be someone you're not in order to "fit in"? In The Courage to Dare, I explain how letting go of security and taking risks may be the only way to truly live!

What Purpose Do Relationships Serve star
Relationships can be challenging, and also very enjoyable. Each relationship can bring out a different aspect of our self to be experienced, perhaps that helps us to understand why some can be more loving or challenging than another.

Why Is The World The Way It Is star
It seems that we are all so afraid of life and making waves, to the extent that we do not speak out when we see atrocities happening to others. Why do we allow the minority to rule the majority? I wonder if we all stood up and said 'no' what differences there would be in the world.

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