Metaphysics is concerned with the nature of the mind and reality. It looks deeper at what is real and how we know it is real.

Does Evil Exist star
How can we quantify what is evil, when we all have such different views of what is acceptable or not? I offer some thoughts to ponder...

How Does Your Self-Image Affect You star
How do you feel about yourself? How much do you let other people determine how you feel about yourself? Our self image is crucial to how we feel, behave and think about our self, and the life we can expect to live.

Metaphysics star
The topic of Metaphysics is divided into three categories which are ontology, the philosophy of the mind, and the philosophy of religion.

Solipsism - The Theory Of One Mind star
Solipsism is thought to be one of the strangest theories in philosophy. It believes that we can never really know anything except our own consciousness. What do you think?

The Ability to Create star
What is creativity? Is it something that all of us are born with - or not? In The Ability to Create, I examine how the way we are conditioned to think of creativity defines how we live our lives - and how transforming our thoughts about what it means to be creative will enable us to create the u

The Basics of Metaphysics star
Any study in philosophy should explore the area of metaphysics. Metaphysics is seen as the "First Philosophy" by many as it sets out to ask the difficult questions of first origin and the nature of being. Come and wonder through the basics of metaphysics.

The Law Of Attraction star
Our thoughts are crucial to the life we create for ourselves. We can only ever experience what is in our consciousness, therefore, life is a reflection of our consciousness. Do you know how your thoughts are affecting your life?

The Power of Our Words: Becoming Conscious star
Our words carry tremendous power. If used negatively, words can hurt and deplete others as well as our ourselves. However, the power of words can also be a great source of positive energy to heal...

The Power of Words star
We all concede that our thoughts play a role in our habits, actions, and lives. But thoughts do not have the social impact that words have. In The Power of Words, I examine how not consciously paying attention to the words we speak can have a devastating impact on ourselves and on those around us.

The Present Moment star
It is common for us to be anxious, stressed or depressed in most our day to day lives. What is actually happening in your life 'now' that is causing these perceived problems? Is anything happening or is it the fear that it might?

The Shadow Self star
While your persona is being what it should be by maintaining societal correctness, the shadow self is carrying on its own internal dialogue. What happens when we don't acknowledge that shadow self? You might be surprised!

What Is Reality star
Many think that what they see is reality, however what we see differs from person to person. So what is reality?

What Makes You, You star
Some of life's deeper questions can seem simple on first look, however when you really stop to consider what makes you who you are there are many factors involved.

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