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All of the articles here on the Role Playing Games Site are organized into categories. Browse through these categories to find the content you're looking for.

Original adventures for your use and enjoyment, plus links to great adventure archives to help you get started!

Campaign Creation
Here are some tools and tricks for creating your own content for a campaign or world for your players. Everything from towns and quests to landscapes and myths.

Children and RPGs
Trying to raise the next generation of role players? These articles will highlight games that are suitable for use with kids, and talk about why you might want to play role playing games with kids.

Commercial Games
These are the games that keep the gaming industry going, the ones you pay money to get. Everything from the get-all-you-need-for-five-dollars type, to the buy-a-new-supplement-weekly game.

Links to the best gaming conventions out there, and articles talking about conventions. If you´re having trouble finding local gaming, this is the place to be.

Free Games
Role-playing and companion games that are entirely free. Settings, systems and mini-games are all found here.

GM Advice
Learn tricks to help make your game easier to run, more entertaining for your players, or both.

Interviews about role playing and gaming.

Literature and Film
Comics and movies that make us laugh at ourselves, or (more likely) at our fellow players and GMs. Also books or magazines that provide exceptional value for players and GMs alike.

Live Action RPGs
This section is devoted to Live Action Role Playing Games, or LARPs.

Newbie Advice
Helpful advice for new role-players.

Play by Internet
When you cannot find anyone local to role play with, there´s always the Internet. Here are links to resources and articles about role playing online.

Player Advice
Learn tips to help you get more out of your RPG experience.

RPG Theory
These articles and links go beyond play to talk about the theory behind our favorite hobby.

Source Books
Reviews of source books, whether rules modifications, campaign settings, or single adventures. Generally these are supplements for commercial games, and you´ll need the original rules to use them.

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